Monthly Archives: December 2014

From Song to Instrumental

I was working on local songwriter Paul Hulm’s latest tracks recently and since he was eager to get some tracks placed in tv or film he suggested something very simple and very effective – Instrumental versions of his current tracks. This is a great way of helping a director see the potential in a track without distracting from the on-screen development with lyrical content that may not necessarily agree with the mood or flow of the visuals. So we are stripping back the tracks, muting the vocals and rebuilding the mixes to discover the strengths of the remaining elements. This has been revealing as it has shown the strength of the relationship between two or three basic musical elements in a well written song. It’s kind of obvious but sometimes in this digital age we have so much available to us we forget how great simple music is and that it leaves space for the listener to explore rather than a cacophony of 6 or more parts fighting for space. For TV or Film, unless you want to intentionally panic the listener keeping it clear and simple will work far better.