RPM – 4th Track, but 3rd Demo?

It hasn’t been an overly productive two days since my last post but I’m getting closer to nailing the right vocal tone for ‘Escape’ and this new untitled demo shouldn’t take a huge effort to find the right mood. Hopeful 🙂



RPM – Demo the 2nd…

Here is ‘Escape’ my second demo for RPM and is influenced mainly by ‘Bat for Lashes’ and ‘Depeche Mode’ in their creepier moments… I had this tom heavy beat going around my head and the solid single-bass line fit perfectly. It has dark imagery and a slow steady pace to allow room for large spaces and complex textures. I haven’t quite nailed the lyric content but it’s getting there and this track could get complicated..! And yes, this is probably my slowest year for RPM :s

RpmChallenge Demo – Adore

I promised some music eventually, my first demo is called ‘Adore’ for now…

So yes I fell for the strings again but they work for the mood in this one i think. The guitar is sloppy and vocals dodgy but give it a chance. The challenge now is to strip em back enough to allow for some lyrics. I was mainly reflecting on the scene in the Harry Potter movies (of all movies, i dunno…) when Dumbledore and Severus Snape died. The piece called ‘Dumbledore’s Farewell’ that composer Nicholas Hooper wrote was so on point, very moving and above all simple. Just a few bars going around in a counterpoint style… I think I will keep with the theme of the music and base the lyrics on the passionate and devoted lives those two fictional characters led. Well enjoy the track and my new header 😉

Some ideas forming for another track already!

New Toys

So this won’t mean much to a lot of people but basically I just got some new plugins for my recording software to help me out on this album and I think they deserve a little attention. Aw, look at the colours…
For any producers out there, the Flux Bittersweet plugin is a free transient designer and works really well 🙂
For non-producers I’ll post some lyrics tomorrow night hopefully and flesh out some new ideas!

Give me space or the duck gets it!

When productivity isn’t materialising, I vacuum things! While I should be pensively immersed in the subject matter in which my RPM album will take it’s shape, I find myself disturbingly aloof??? That was until Ducky was hurtled through the vacuum nozzle! Vigilance is key to our survival.

Sunday Night

It has a been brutal weekend, musically speaking. I did however visit the Ulster American folk park in Omagh, Co Tyrone on Saturday. My wife said it reminded her a little of Williamsburg when she visited there with her school. This folk park in Omagh traces the life and travels of a Mr Mellon who travelled to east coast America in the 1800s. No mean feat, up to 12 weeks at sea. I’m glad February doesn’t have 12 weeks :S
My own journey really only started today. I started working on the first track using my brand new drum samples Fxpansion’s BFD with some large string sounds via Propellerhead’s Reason with a patch called Lord of the Strings! The drum samples save me the hassle of freezing a drummer to death in my parent’s garage and well I don’t generally have 10,000 EUR for an orchestra… I unintentionally sequenced what I can only describe as the score music for a James Bond surveillance scene. Not quite the direction a bedroom produced solo album should take normally??? Well I’ll get some screenshots up tomorrow and some better info on how the album is progressing and hopefully some basic drafts for lyrics, which are my greatest weakness. Just gotta focus… Over and out!