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Sincere apologies for the delay in posting the final product but I was really down to the wire on getting my CD posted to RPM HQ and frankly I fell asleep yesterday evening! But it’s here now and the album is titled – ‘Remember Why You Started!’  It was a real experience closing this project off but I have some solid demos now that I can expand on and a few remixes and artwork to finalise before I’m brave enough to play this material live. Please excuse the dodgy vocals, much work needed I fear :s Thank you so much for reading. I should be posting again for a new revived synth-pop project soon enough under the guise of ‘Veterans of Safety.’  🙂


RPM – 4th Track, but 3rd Demo?

It hasn’t been an overly productive two days since my last post but I’m getting closer to nailing the right vocal tone for ‘Escape’ and this new untitled demo shouldn’t take a huge effort to find the right mood. Hopeful 🙂