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Lyrics for 'Adore' - Draft #1

It ain’t pretty but that’s how it goes… Try not to pay too much attention to my dodgy pitching and idiosyncratic timing, it’s meant to be there and after all it’s only the demo, right?!


RpmChallenge Demo – Adore

I promised some music eventually, my first demo is called ‘Adore’ for now…

So yes I fell for the strings again but they work for the mood in this one i think. The guitar is sloppy and vocals dodgy but give it a chance. The challenge now is to strip em back enough to allow for some lyrics. I was mainly reflecting on the scene in the Harry Potter movies (of all movies, i dunno…) when Dumbledore and Severus Snape died. The piece called ‘Dumbledore’s Farewell’ that composer Nicholas Hooper wrote was so on point, very moving and above all simple. Just a few bars going around in a counterpoint style… I think I will keep with the theme of the music and base the lyrics on the passionate and devoted lives those two fictional characters led. Well enjoy the track and my new header 😉

Some ideas forming for another track already!